Improving Lives, One Child At A Time

Coastal Autism Academy provides the highest quality of services to our residents by implementing person centered care, educating them on activities of daily living and preparing them to become productive, responsible members of the community to the best of their ability.

African deaf kid girl and her mother sitting on couch showing symbols with hands using visual-manual gestures enjoy communication at home. Hearing loss disability sign language learning school concept

Why Coastal Autism Academy?

We understand that deciding to seek residential living or private school placement for your child can be an overwhelming and emotional experience.

The staff at CAA are committed and dedicated to providing your child with the compassion and care they deserve while giving you the peace of mind you need.

Children and adolescents considered for placement at CAA have a diagnosis of autism and/or present with significant developmental delays to include:


Communication deficits

Self-abusive behavior

Difficulty with sensory integration

Delays relating to daily living skills

(toileting, grooming & hygiene tasks, eating difficulties)

Destructive behavior

Disregard for personal safety


Difficulty functioning in a traditional school setting

Difficulty with transitions and adapting to change

Work With CAA

The dedicated staff at Coastal Autism Academy are committed to providing children with compassionate, coordinated, and comprehensive care that is individualized to meet each child’s needs. Click below to view available job opportunities.